I want to help make your dreams a reality.

So I’m opening up a limited number of 1-to-1 sessions where I’ll blend my piercing intuitive perception, my keen intellect, and my experience creating a business and growing an audience to bring you clarity wherever you’re confused or stuck right now.

There are three main ways I can support you. Choose which one best fits your needs, or reach out if you have any questions.

1. Aligned Business Map

Gain clarity in your business or creative project now!

If you’re just getting started with your business or creative project or want to flesh out an idea, this will help you see the big picture and show you how the pieces fit together.

I’ll help you pinpoint what your unique approach is, and we’ll identify the best formats and topics for creating content and marketing materials.

If you’re already in the midst of a business or project, I can help make you more clear about what the next most effective steps are for getting where you want to go.

You’ll walk away with a framework to guide you like a map as you bring your vision into form now!

This is a great call for discussing things like (but isn’t limited to):

  • Narrowing down your business or project idea to specifics
  • Creating content that attracts and nourishes your dream clients and customers
  • Level-up your email subject lines and content titles using click-bait with integrity
  • Getting started with creating a podcast or blog
  • Getting clarity on your unique voice
  • Creating a fun, aligned plan for how to grow your audience
  • Reviewing your site or content and helping you make small changes that have a big impact

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2. Self-Care Game Changer

Do you have clear, effective self-care practices to nourish and replenish you on a regular basis?

Walk away with a unique-to-you self-care plan that will make you more grounded, centered, clear, and joyful in your everyday life.

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3. Get Unstuck Now

I’ll help you untangle whatever knots are keeping you stuck.

I welcome your weirdest and most mundane life struggles here in this open-topic session.

I will help you repair and reweave the inner connections that help you live from your heart and trust your inner wisdom.

In the past these consults have covered everything from creating rituals to connect with nature spirits to gaining clarity on how to deal with unprocessed grief.

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All sessions are 75 minutes and $222.

We’ll begin with a guided chakra clearing meditation, and then we’ll have at least an hour to dig into whatever questions you’re bringing to the session.

I would hate for you to wonder what could have been if you had only had the support you need to dig deeper and go further in the direction of your dreams.

It would break my heart for you to never get the chance to feel seen and heard for who you truly are.

I’ll listen with my full presence and my intuition to help pull out the most important pieces that lead you to your next most powerful steps to living your aligned truth now.

The call will be recorded, so you can reference it and find new gems of guidance for months to come.

We’ll meet over Skype or phone, audio only.

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I can’t wait to help you!

“Even though I am not sure I had specific questions that I was willing to admit I was asking, I felt the bigger ones that I wasn’t quite willing to let rise from my heart were heard, held, and answered… and pretty poetically.”
-Sylvie Z.