This week’s guests are Bonnie Rose Weaver and Mari Amend from the San Francisco Bay area. They’ve just released a book called Deeply Rooted: Medicinal Plant Cultivation in Techtropolis about growing and using herbal medicine in urban spaces. We talked with them about the multifaceted healing power of plants. In our conversation we covered:

  • Making local herbal medicine accessible to a diverse multitude of people
  • How herbal medicine reconnects people to their ancestry, the earth and each other
  • Acknowledging the destructive events in history that have shaped today’s environment
  • Looking behind the mask of whiteness for healing cultural wounds
  • What stories does the soil hold, and who really owns the soil?
  • Redefining what profit means to be something that benefits the whole

“Herbs work.”
-Bonnie Rose and Mari Amend






Click images below to see inside the beautiful book!

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