In these past few weeks I’ve been meditating on surrender. I’m not talking about the surrender of giving up on your dreams or becoming a prisoner of war or letting go of responsibilities. Rather, it’s a surrender of attachment and letting go of expectations.

Surrender is how you can open the door to inviting in possibilities that you didn’t even know were possibilities. Surrender is a path for getting out of your own way and allowing something better than you ever imagined to appear.

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We all have ideas about how our lives *should* look or how our dreams *should* unfold. How many times have you been attached to a particular outcome in a situation, only to have your hopes and dreams crushed when it didn’t turn out how you expected it to?

The saddest part is that while you’re holding onto an expectation, you are unable to see the unexpected possibilities unfolding that might lead to something better and more fulfilling than you ever imagined.

When you let go of your tight grip on expectations and attachments to outcomes, it can feel like you are suffering a loss. What you really lose is any and everything that doesn’t truly support or serve you in swimming with the flow of life in true abundance and fulfillment.

Surrender is an art. It is something you can spend a lifetime perfecting, day to day, moment to moment. Every time you feel yourself trying to manipulate, force, or push a situation to a desired outcome, take notice. I know you know what this feels like. It can feel tight or heavy and can be exhausting. These moments are opportunities to practice the art of surrender.

You might be wondering, what am I surrendering? Who am I surrendering to? How do I do this so-called act of surrender? What do I do in the moments between the time I surrender and the time when the magic shows up? How do I deal with the VOID?!

Well, to answer the last question, I suggest giving your heart time and space to guide you. Perhaps it’s telling you to play, to let go of the forcing and pushing, and go have some fun. Perhaps it is telling you to grieve and to finally allow those emotions that you’ve been pushing down to come up and out in a cleansing wash of tears and sobs. Take time to let your heart lead the way. Give it the mic and hear what it has to say.

I invite you to explore what surrender means to you, what you would like to surrender to, who or what do you trust with all your heart and soul? Is it god/goddess/the universe/source/etc.??

For simplicity’s sake, I surrender to divine love. It feels really good to me. I can trust divine love. I can trust the force of cosmic, universal, creative, conscious love to unfold the most delightful opportunities and experiences for me as I go about living my life. Love feels good, and who can argue that feeling good feels good? Right?

I’ve recorded an audio to help you learn the art of surrender. In this method, I align my will with divine will. This doesn’t mean I no longer DO anything or make choices or have dreams and desires. Rather, instead of my doing being borne of force, *shoulds* or manipulation, it is borne of inspiration and guidance from being aligned with divine love. I align my will with divine will and let my heart lead my mind.

If you need a break from always “trying to figure it out” or if you feel like you’ve tried this or tried that, but you never really get it right, surrender. Let it go, align with the cosmic flow of love, and see where that takes you.

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PS – As always, I love hearing from you. Please comment and let me know what effect this method of surrender has for you! xo

PPS – The art of surrender can be practiced as much in moments of joy as in moments of grief and sorrow. Surrender your judgement of the moment, and allow for those unexpected possibilities and inspirations to show up. Let me know how it goes. 🙂


Featured image by Hana Haley.