In this episode we speak with Marielle Hare, who is a creative alchemist specializing in transformation through the power of play. Marielle reveals how we can continue to engage in playfulness as adults with responsibilities. She talks about the healing power of beauty, and we discuss how nature plays a role in this. We also cover:

  • Techniques to welcome playfulness into your everyday life
  • The trick to letting in the healing power of beauty
  • How to deepen your relationship with nature through movement and listening
  • What Systemic Constellations is and how it helps heal discord
  • The beauty and inspiration that comes from playing with our pets


  • Learn more about Marielle, her workshops and her art prints for sale on her website at
  • Learn more about the upcoming workshop Marielle is offering in Carrboro, NC, here:
  • Melt your heart with more nature-inspired art creations from Marielle and Oona the dog, left, on Instagram at @MaryLo