If today’s guest, Noelani Love, is not a mermaid with legs, then we don’t know who is! Noelani lives in Hawaii and is guiding women to find their voices, speak their truth and activate the divine feminine within. In this episode we talk about how she ended up in Hawaii with a successful jewelry business, what happened when she took a chance and hosted a full-moon women’s circle, and about rebalancing the masculine and feminine energies of the world through love and peace. In a second you’ll hear one of her new mantra songs from the album she is crowdfunding. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and stay tuned for a virtual campfire singalong after the interview, where she’ll lead us in learning this song and singing together! We also talk about:

  • Mantra, the ancient chanting practice chanting that activates consciousness and the health and wealth that is already in us
  • The power of women gathering in conscious connection
  • Awakening the shakti force within
  • Connecting with the sea turtles, dolphins and the ocean
  • Underwater rock running for physical training

“Through singing mantra, I’ve been able to find my voice and I realize that mantra music is a gift that wants to be shared with the world.
-Noelani Love

Lyrics to the singalong, Dance Upon the Earth:

We will dance upon the earth and fly across the stars
And the light will pour right into our hearts
Cause we are free
Om namah shivaya